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Aerospace Security: A Sully Proof Future

What went really went wrong with Sully’s aeroplane, which forced him and his 155 passengers to land over the Hudson River in New York? Even writing the sentence, ‘to land on or upon a river’ does not make semantic sense. Where is the land in a body of water to land on? A massive passenger jet landing on an icy river, it sounds impossible; something for the conspiracy theorists to decipher, perhaps. Was it really a bird strike to both engines or was that just a cover up? Was it the Americans denying another potential 9/11 in that same city, so soon after that great tragedy?

Aerospace Security: A Sully Proof Future

Do we all really believe that a flock of birds can bring down a giant aircraft? These state of the art, computerised, self-flying jet air liners, in which we all fly around the globe? Can they really be brought down by a bunch of birds? Is it not more likely that the real story was one of aerospace security being infiltrated by Islamic terrorists, hell bent on bringing down the capitalist Satan? Was that domestic passenger jet taking off from LaGuardia airport in the Big Apple a victim of terrorism?

An act of terror foiled by the amazing skills of one pilot, who was able to pull off the impossible. Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger on January 15, 2009, landed, or rivered, his passenger jet carrying 155 passengers after both engines blew up and failed. Why did these giant wing-based engines blow up? Was it a flock of geese? Or, was it terrorist bombs? Was aerospace security compromised and bypassed once more in America? Read more here about how important locksmiths are to security in so many settings. Locks were opened and terrorists planted these bombs, which thankfully failed to kill any Americans.

Locksmiths remain an important part of airport security, with doors and hangars secured by locks and codes all over the airport. Not every story will contain a hero like Sully, in fact, we have had far few narratives of late where the villains have not run amok. So called, religious maniacs, planting bombs and crashing aeroplanes into skyscrapers and killing thousands of innocent people, tell a repeated tragic story. It is often only a sturdy lock that stands between terror, death and mayhem. A good locksmith can stand ‘Sully like’ to keep our airports and other public spaces safe for their citizens. Viva la locksmith!